Illia Koshytskyi, Ukraine

Umru'Ka is a Ukrainian (synth)pop artist. The project started in 2018 as a one-man travelling band. But then COVID came and the world became digital. So did Umru’Ka. Now it’s a bedroom project run by me, Illia Koshytskyi, who does all the composition, performance, post-production and management on my own. All from the comfort of my semi-professional home studio built by my hands. 

Most of my songs are produced using just Arturia BeatStep, Korg Minilogue, guitar and piano. They will be perfect to fall asleep to, listen during your metro ride or having sex (as suggested by my uncle). The music of Umru’Ka will be perfect for fans of Mike Posner, Depeche Mode, Maitre Gims and Ed Sheeran.

My music is for the rejected to give you hope and power to move forward. Being rejected many times at castings, drama university, by classmates, I know how tiring and destroying it can be for one’s self-esteem. With my music, I am here to provide you with that soft pillow to put under your head, relax for a while and conquer the world with new potential

Umru'Ka was featured on Ukrainian Rock News, Slukh media, and Bezodnya Music. You can listen to the songs by Umru'Ka aired at the Banks Radio (Australia), Old Fashioned Radio (Ukraine), and the National FM (Ireland).

Between June 2020 and July 2021, I was releasing one song a month under the project "Colors". In September 2021, Umru’Ka won a cover competition by the major Ukrainian band Vopli Vidopliasova and Ukrainian Music Development Foundation. As a prize, the cover song “Mana” will be released under the major Ukrainian label Kraina Mriy and promoted by Secret Service Digital & Publishing. Umru’Ka will also perform at the festival “Rock Sich” organised by the label. 

Now I’m releasing a song each 3rd month, setting up live performances for playing at festivals in 2022.