1. Nevermind

From the recording OceanIa

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“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”
We are living in an ocean of problems and daily routine. Work - home - work - home. Every day, we are running places without any clear goal in front of us. Trying to fit in society, we take over the jobs we don’t like, we stick to the deadlines we don’t need. People get too much obsessed with the things that are not needed. We put on “masks” just to fit in the crowds and feel needed.
Sometimes our problems cover us deeply just like the waves. We see crowds rushing by like the waves and the only thing we do is to observe. In a world of huge waves, sometimes you can feel like a single drop being left alone in the blue void and there is no escape. However, each wave is compromised of billion drops. Without the drops, those waves mean nothing.
We are the ocean in a drop! Each our action matters. Each drop, being sent to the ocean, can help build an immersive marine painting of eternal beauty.
Nevermind! Leave you past behind! Put down the masks! It’s time to set the limits between the Ocean and our “I”s. Find the Ocean within your “I” and become the part of the universe energy waves!
The only question being left, will our drops ever grow a single flow?